Whether you need to quickly scale a team, fully launch a new platform or need fresh ideas,
you’ll build better with NorthOut.

What problem are you trying to solve?

I need to create an application modernization strategy to drive engineering capabilities.

Engineering Strategy Assessment.

We’ll digest where you are today, where you want to be and create a technology assessment to help drive alignment toward your goals.

Subject Matter Workshops.

Whether you want to learn about the latest in microservices, blockchain, devops or beyond, our team can ramp yours at lightspeed.

Roadmapping and Plannng.

Once you know where you want to be, our architecture and product teams can create both high level roadmaps and shovel ready plans to take you there.

I have current initiatives and I want to try a new approach to execution.

Project Scoping, Planning and Design.

If you have a initiative in mind, we’ll start with Sprint Zero – creating detailed specifications, designs and engineering plans to reduce risk upfront.

Fixed Cost or T&M Project Execution.

With a plan in place, our engineering teams can cost effectively execute using our defined best practices in whatever cost model fits your organization’s needs.

Retained Team Engineering Execution.

If you really want to leverage the best of NorthOut, we can create a co-located retained team to quickly attack new business & technology problems.

I have immediate needs and I need killer talent to augment my teams.

Core Engineering Talent Augmentation.

Whether you need an expert python developer or a interdisciplinary 100 person team ready to augment an enterprise digital transformation initiative, our unique talent and training can get you moving faster.

Specialized Skill Engineering .

If you need a highly specialized technical skill set on your team, our deep knowledge of machine learning, data science, IOT and beyond can get you going today – skipping the challenging recruitment cycle.

Offshore Center Strategy & Management.

NorthOut deep knowledge of managing large scale offshore development operations can help you navigate from strategy all the way to daily management bringing unrivaled scale and cost savings to your organization.

We’d love to hear your challenges and turn them into solutions. Worst case, you’re sure to learn something.

Featured Case Study

Deploying an Integrated Oil Rig Configurator

We partnered with a $30B global oil rig manufacturer to uncover new digital opportunities and take them to full application development.

Our approach to engineering is rooted in questioning everything and going fast.

We Go Faster.

Our has a deep rooted startup mentality and it used to putting in the effort to get it done yesterday.

We Use the Latest Tools.

From the newest devops strategies to microservices architectures, our engineering team future proof you.

We Aren’t Afraid to Ask Why.

We’re experts at helping your extended teams see the value in new practices through demonstration and honesty.

Stories and Advice from the NorthOut Squad.

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