NorthOut’s team lives to uncover the latest tech from deep AI expertise, to VR and far beyond.
Let’s innovate together.

What problem are you trying to solve?

I want to understand how next generation technology like AI, blockchain & IOT can create new opportunities for my organization and create a business case for exploration.

Subject Matter Workshops.

Whether you want to learn about the latest in AI, blockchain, IOT or beyond, our team can ramp yours at lightspeed.

Innovation Lab Exploration.

Our team is constantly tinkering and our in-house lab is a great place to come experience the latest in voice technology, try Oculus or play with our Magic Mirror.

Impact and Business Case Analysis.

From outlining the market landscape, and typical technology applications to outlining the real business impact & ROI of an initiative, we’ll make frontier technology internal proposal ready.

I want to quickly create prototypes and digital experience designs for subsets of frontier technologies to validate with customers and my teams.

Accelerated Prototype Development.

Our engineering, product and design teams can bring a next-generation project to life by quickly scoping and engineering a demon ready solution.

Clickable Experience Design.

For some frontier technologies, a fully designed and clickable experience can drive necessary alignment. This is a great, reduced budget way to get your teams on board.

Frontier Tech Talent Augmentation.

If you want to implement a prototype in-house but need next-generation talent to get it done, our teams can augment yours and keep things cruising.

I want to take specific next-generation projects to full enterprise-grade production.

Project Analysis, Design and Planning.

Once you’re ready to build, we’ll start with Sprint Zero – creating detailed specifications, designs and engineering plans to reduce risk upfront and prepare full implementation.

Full Stack Development Teams.

With a plan in place, our engineering teams can cost effectively execute using our defined best practices in whatever cost model fits your organization’s needs. Along the way, we’ll continuously involve and communication with your teams.

Innovation Lab Implementation.

As frontier technology and new best practices gain traction, we can help imagine, staff and scale your own innovation lab to continuously understand, design and implement.

We’d love to hear your challenges and turn them into solutions. Worst case, you’re sure to learn something.

Featured Case Study

Using AI To Drive Millennial Adoption in Financial Services

Alongside the data team at a global investment firm, we explored how data could drive millennial service adoption and reimage marketing strategy.

robot with eyes

The latest technology is in our blood. Let us show you how to explore.

We’re Engineering First.

You’ll see that our team is more engineering focused than your usual partner. If it’s out there, we’ve seen it.

Constant Tinkering.

Our in-house lab and adjacency to leading talent hubs inspires our constant love for trying new things.

Proof of Concept Lead.

Instead of powerpoints or lots of talk, our teams deploy accelerated POCs to demonstrate how next-gen technology can win.

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