Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk and Compliance

The oversight of your firm’s overall security, with valuable insight on how to enhance your security posture by reviewing, contextualizing, and enhancing control.


What is Governance, Risk and Compliance?

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With ECI’s Governance, Risk and Compliance solution, we deliver a best-in-class service that provides a comprehensive governance and risk management program. It provides full transparency into your overall security program, with the insights to continually enhance your security posture and meet compliance requirements.

Governance, Risk and Compliance benefits
With cybersecurity integrated, measured, and managed as part of an overarching compliance and risk program we keep on top of the most prevalent threats, trends, and rules – so you don’t have to. We ensure your business is proactively and comprehensively compliant and aligned with all relevant security regulations. We provide the expertise, processes, and services with modern solutions to create a turn-key cybersecurity function.

Solution highlights

Assess, categorize, and prioritize your unique risks
Conduct a Business Impact Analysis to determine your most critical vendors and file locations
Conduct Vendor Due Diligence on your most critical vendors
Build out an Information Security Policy
Develop an Incident Response/Business Continuity Policy
The intelligence to safeguard your data based on sensitivity and importance
Regular vulnerability scans to track and prioritize unique remediation needs
Track your organization's unique security metrics and make qualitative recommendations to improve your security posture



Unpreparedness makes for easy targets


Cybersecurity preparedness and operational resiliency are critical to meet your regulatory requirements and protect your business from the damage data breaches can do to revenues and reputations. Password weaknesses, open access to sensitive files, insecure vendor ecosystems, and inadequate incident response plans make firms more vulnerable to attacks.


Validate and ensure continuous compliance

  • tick

    Adhere to regulatory standards


    Implement a program that meets the requirements set out by GDPR, NYDFS, SECI, the Division of
    Examinations, and FINRA.

  • awareness

    Stay ahead of risk


    Regular reviews of relevant cyber and governance items and to validate appropriate user access.

  • list

    Plan your response


    Create a blueprint to outline how you prepare, identify, eradicate, and recover from cybersecurity incidents.




Ongoing risk management
Identify, estimate, and prioritize risks that could impact your customers, operations, assets, and people.

Governance housekeeping
An ongoing program to understand your risks, outline a strategy, and facilitate your adherence to compliance

Access critical vendors
Rank vendors based on risk potential based on data privacy, due diligence, security risks, and disaster recovery—with remediation recommendations.


  • Vulnerability Assessments

    Best-of-breed vulnerability management and assessments

    Our team scans for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across endpoints, network devices, hosted applications, and cloud platforms for both internal and external facing environments.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Enhance data protection and reduce account takeover risk

    ECI monitors the dark web to see if client watchlist assets are exposed and provide immediate notification.

  • Phishing and Training

    Controlled simulations, with actionable insights

    Test how your employees responses to phishing attacks through controlled simulations, with actionable insights for continued education.


Mitigate risks. Stay compliant

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