In an effort to drive efficiency and patient centered care, Healthcare Client and their state-wide network wanted to rethink their approach to tech and data.

NorthOut was thrilled to partner with an exceptional client team to create a digital strategy and then execute accelerated engineering builds.

As technology grew in enterprise importance we got to building.

Roadmaps and Tech Ideation.

Alongside the organization’s CIO and technology team, we worked through different paths to kickoff a digital strategy focused on solving real problems quickly. Our practical approach drove organizational excitement and investment.

A Data Management Platform.

What began as a time consuming manual data manipulation process, became a machine learning enabled information digestion, normalization and analysis platform. Our work reduced cycle times by weeks and saved hundreds of thousands.

Mobile Enabled Admission.

Further driving patient centered care, we developed an iPad admissions application making it faster and easier for patients to provide their information on arrival. This also enabled simpler normalization and deeper insights.

How We Worked Differently

NorthOut focused on providing deep scale to drive efficient, fast innovation.

Leveraging Our Off-Shore Capability.

In an effort to drive cost efficiency at scale, NorthOut leveraged our deep experience in delivering products with a global engineering team.

An Secure and Scalable Platform.

Whether ensuring HIPAA compliance or making sure we can scale to diverse HMR systems and datasets, our team built a platform for the long-term. We’re proud to serve their thousands of patients.

Accelerated Deployment.

Speed wins. NorthOut both quickly deployed engineering teams and delivered a mission critical platform ahead of schedule. Deeply integrating our combined teams made both organizations increasingly efficient.

NorthOut drove real impact across our healthcare organization. Their unique development concepts and unrivaled commitment enable increased service for our valued patients.

–Healthcare Client’s CIO

A Featured Build

The Digital iPad Admissions App

Built for cross device functionality, accessibility and configurability, their admissions app has already handled thousands of customers with glowing internal and patient feedback.

Powering Future Machine Learning

Beyond making patient’s lives easier, the application sat on top of our data platform enabling data normalization across hundreds of locations to leverage machine learning capabilities.

Patient centric, digital first healthcare organizations will change the game in a multi-trillion dollar industry. While the challenges are immense, NorthOut’s unique approach can cut to the chase, quickly.

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