Cloud Engineering Support Can Maximize Your Investment in the Cloud

Cloud engineering support

Simplifying the complexities and lowering the barrier to adoption around technology should be a core mission for any MSP. And given that so much of today’s technology ecosystem resides in the cloud, fulfilling that mission requires an MSP to excel at cloud engineering. Let’s examine why most organizations need some level of cloud engineering support, and how ECI is a leading-edge provider of cloud engineering services that enable clients to get the most performance, security and scalability out of their cloud investments.

Organizations Need Engineering Support to Maximize Their Cloud Investments

Cloud computing and SaaS platforms have opened up a wealth of new technology options to organizations. The cloud allows companies to avoid costly infrastructure investments and sidestep the need to hire an army of technologists to run legacy networks and on-prem databases. But that doesn’t mean the cloud is turnkey. Especially if growth and scaling operations are priorities, organizations need to apply some level of engineering to effectively leverage their cloud investments.

Firms working to scale their cloud operations often find their in-house engineers tied up with maintenance and support for that effort, rather than focusing on business value. Even when they can find the time, in-house IT teams struggle through analysis paralysis around strategic choices like where to start or how to scope and execute on the most appropriate approach – whether that’s open source, cloud agnostic, cloud native or some other methodology.

To solve these challenges, organizations need engineering support and resources from a partner who can help build, maintain, secure and scale modern cloud infrastructure. In particular, alternative investment firms require a partner that understands their business and their industry – including knowing which rules from SEC, FINRA and other regulatory bodies apply to their cloud operation, and how to coordinate what, for many financial sector firms, amounts to a global network of cloud-based financial exchanges and databases.


ECI’s Industry-Leading Cloud Engineering Services

ECI’s cloud engineering service is purpose built for financial sector firms and leverages our experience across a wide range of tools and technology to create scalable, reliable and secure cloud-based solutions that align with business and compliance goals of highly regulated organizations. With a focus on automation, security and compliance, we provide ongoing managed services for both Azure and AWS, as well as specific project work across cloud environments.

Our cloud engineers work closely with business leaders, IT professionals, developers and operations teams to ensure that cloud-based applications services are delivered efficiently and effectively. We ensure both performance and revenue by configuring services to take advantage of flexible provisioning, cloud-native DevOps, rapid scalability and other benefits of the cloud – all the while standing up resources in a secure and compliant way that maximizes both the resiliency and effectiveness of your cloud platform.

ECI understands that every company’s cloud journey is unique, which is why our cloud engineers are there for you at every stage of maturity – whether you’re just starting to migrate and are building new greenfield environments, or whether you need cloud engineering to modify and leverage existing environments. In all these scenarios, we have a proven track record of delivering the right expertise at the right time to manage your cloud environments and take the load off internal teams so they can focus on business-facing projects.

Learn more about how ECI’s Cloud Engineering service is helping clients leverage cloud native technologies, managed DevOps, automation and engineering expertise to make their cloud investments more reliable, scalable and secure!

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